Monday, July 30, 2007

Me and you. Him and you. Us and you

After all the hype, the excitement, and the relentless "will they/won't they" discussion, the first post is up! The first of tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of thousands. Won't it be fun to look back at this first entry years from now? It's entirely (mildly) possible!

I want everyone to know, however, that we mean business. And by "business," I of course mean...well, I don't yet know what I mean. I'll let Bryan, my co-blogger, handle that for me. Rest assured, there are wheels within wheels. Fingers in pies. Bodies in motion and at rest.

So, all I will humbly say for now is that my co-blogger and I will change the way that you look at blogs in general, the English language in particular, and human love in ways that are difficult for me to articulate and you to understand at this point. It's going to get heavy.

What I can tell you, however, are some of the things you won't find very much of on this blog:

  • Life in New York: Everybody can get enough of this already. Almost every song, movie, and blog in existence already deals with this. Could we do it better than all of them? Sure, but why try?
  • Long, discoursive rants re: New Yorker pieces and the like. As far as I know, no one has ever, in the history of the internet, actually read a blogger's long, discoursive rant about some magazine article that annoyed them. Some things are better left for the bar, so we'll try to avoid this.
  • Pictures of cute animals doing incongrous, animal-inappropriate things. There are apparently a few thousand of these websites out there, so its probably easy to find this if that's what you're looking for (animals doing animal-appropriate things, however, are a-ok).

Beyond that, just make sure to get ready for a new and exciting (yet still highly educational) blog!


Megan said...

Hey, did you have one of those toys when you were little? When you pulled it, it made funny noises. Like it was trying to talk to you.

Megan said...

I think it's lame that you don't allow anonymous comments. Also, my mom doesn't have a gmail account. What is she supposed to do when she wants to weigh in on the topic of the day?

this smacks of snobbishness!


Josh said...

Okay, it's been changed. Bring on the anonymous commenting from your mother!

Anonymous said...

Wow! anonymous comment capability in under 5 minutes! Now that's service! I highly endorse this blog, and laud your proletariat spirit. Please pass on my thanks to the customer relations department.