Friday, September 14, 2007

Pencils Down

Hand in your sheets at the front of the class. There will be no essay portion, but this quiz will weigh heavily on your final grades. The answers are posted below. Good luck and welcome back to school.

1. couchant- adj. [kou-chuh nt]
def: Lying down; Crouching.

2. galumph- v. [guh-luhmf]
def: To move along heavily and clumsily.

3. pasquinade- n. [pas-kwuh-neyd]
def: A satire or lampoon, esp. one posted in a public place.

4. otiose- adj. [oh-shee-ohs]
def: Superfluous or useless.

5. coxcomb- n. [koks-kohm]
def: A conceited, foolish dandy; A pretentious fop.

6. thaumaturgy- n. [thaw-muh-tur-jee]
def: The performing of miracles or magic.

7. animadversion- n. [an-uh-mad-vur-zhuh n]
def: Strong criticism.

8. frowzy- adj. [frou-zee]
def: Dirty and untidy.

9. pap- n. [pap]
def: Material lacking real substance or value.

10. raillery- n. [rey-luh-ree]
def: Good-humored ridicule; Banter.


Howard said...

Bryan, this is good stuff. And you actually write, not just post youtube videos. Added bonus there if you ask me.

And we need more dudes.

So I'm linkin' yo ass, bi-atch!

Bryan said...

Nice blog yourself, Ho Hill. Consider yourself emancipated, 'cause I'm linkin' you too.

mundawgs said...

I guess if I'm ever to write a book I'll need to start learning more stuff. I just have my myspace blog which hasn't been updated. I don't know if i can hang with this word play.