Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Obama Strategem

There's a must-read article this morning in the Washington Post on the strategy that Obama's team put in place in order to wrest the nomination from Hillary Clinton and, by extension, the Democratic Party establishment. It's an extremely insightful look into the level of planning and long-term thinking that the Obama team had, and, by extension, the lack of an equivalent response from the Clinton team. The article also gets into some of the brilliant packaging and branding that David Axelrod (who's background is in advertising) and his team used to frame Obama and make the election one that revolved around personality and iconography (like the now-famous image below) first and foremost.In the end, don't you want the same people who found a way to pull off an impossible win running this country more than the group that didn't bother (or didn't feel the need) to plan ahead for all the possibilities and twists that might arise in a campaign? I don't mean to pile it on, but why should I believe that a Clinton team, one that couldn't even come up with the right strategy to pull off what should have been a sure-fire nomination, would possibly be able to get something like, say, Health Care Reform through Congress?


Todd said...

You have to register to read the article? Phshaw!

You know what this is a story of? Hubris. Clinton felt she was owed the nomination and never considered the possibility that it would be denied to her. And now, instead of graciously acknowledging defeat, it seems like she's basically withholding her support and the support of her race-biased voting bloc unless she's given the VP nod. Unbelievable.

Josh said...

Do you really? Sorry about that, i must have registered a long time ago and forgot. Regardless, it's worth your time to do so.