Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Paste Magazine's New Subscription Policy

It appears the Radiohead distribution policy is gaining traction outside of the music realm as well! Head on over to Paste magazine and set your price for a year's subscription (thanks to Megan for the heads-up). I've always found Paste to be a solid, well-written magazine, covering all the bases of pop culture, and it was one I certainly read every month during the old bookstore days. Anyway, kind of a cool idea, and it actually got me to subscribe for a year (a paid more than one dollar, but less that the $19.95 full price), which I certainly would not have done otherwise. As a fan of this distribution style (and as someone that hopes it catches on more and more), I figured I'd pass along the info. Bold move, Paste!


Ami said...

Be careful that you're not on one of those "automatic renewal" subscriptions. I subscribed to Marie Claire (I KNOW) for $5 once, and it put me on this system where if I didn't actually call to cancel the subscription, they could keep billing me for an additional year.

I doubt that Paste would be as shady about it as Marie Claire, but you never know...

Josh said...

Damn! There's always a catch, isn't there?

The thing I never get is why it takes so damn long to get the magazine after you subscribe. 8-12 weeks? That is insane. Only magazine publishing could get away with that kind of crazy model.