Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back from Michigan

Ah, so nice to be back in New York after a few (mostly) enjoyable days in Lansing for an old friend's wedding. Although there's much to say about my stay and little time to do so right now, I thought that the least I could do is pass on a link for my old pal Bill's new blog, called Popanalia. For those two or three people that are excited by my posts on Michigan sports, this site promises to have a lot of stuff along the same lines, along with your basic music, culture, etc. discussions.

Anyway, more to come on Michigan in the future, along with my heavily-hyped, much-anticipated essay on the importance of the "rally song."


MDD said...

Love the album cover...Sufjan Stevens should have designed our state quarter.

Josh said...

Yeah, I completely agree. Maybe he could work on our state motto, too. Which, if I recall, translates as "If you're looking for a good peninsula, look no further."

William said...

thanks for the publicity josh. i will be done with law finals soon and then will devote more time to the blog.