Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our New Detroit Tigers

Is is too early to get excited about the upcoming baseball season?

Last night, The Detroit Tigers agreed to give up two top-10 prospects (including Cameron Maybin, a personal favorite of mine) to get back the following two players from the Florida Marlins:

All-star 3rd baseman Miguel Cabrera:And former Rookie of the Year and Cy Young runner-up Dontrelle Willis:

I'm so excited about this I couldn't get to sleep last night. I know a lot of my friends aren't the biggest sports fans, but for those of us who are, you live for these kind of trades to go through. It not only makes them much, much better going into the next season, it gives the fans months to speculate about how everything is going to shake out in terms of lineups, rivalries, etc. Damn, why did the Tigers have to get so good as soon as I left Michigan!


Nat Baddington said...

Make-Up Creature is real good. But Train Wreck, he gets worse all the time. I read about 3,670 Fake Team All-Stars games this year.

Anonymous said...

They got so good BECAUSE you left Michigan. You are bad luck to the tigers.