Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry, you faithful 3-7 readers out there, for my lack of posting of late. I'm currently finishing the final two weeks of my current job before I switch over to my new one (a job in publishing very similar to the one that I have now, but better) and things have thus been a little crazy of late.

Here are a few things you almost certainly don't need to know:

1. I went to Atlantic City and actually came back to New York with more money than I left with! Thanks go to all the terrible players at my poker table at the Taj!

2. I think that the new Walkmen record, You and Me, might end up being the best album of the year. Extremely, extremely strong from top to bottom. I actually saw them play a few years ago and I still don't understand how Hamilton Leithauser's vocal cords are still working. Head over to the Black T-Shirt to listen to "In the New Year," one of the standout tracks from the album.

3. I'm on a massive John McPhee kick right now. Anyone read any of his stuff? I'm not much of a geology buff (or haven't been in the past) so I'd avoided him for quite a while, incorrectly thinking that nature writing was predominant area of focus. It turns out that he's actually all ove the place as an essayist, covering everything from sports to Farmer's Markets. I'm currently reading the extremely interesting Looking for a Ship, about a trip he takes on the US Merchant Marine. Any other fans out there with books of his to recommend?

4. If I hadn't been so distracted with job-related matters, I probably could have written 7,000 words about that amazing, day-gobbling Wimbledon final. It's certainly the highest-quality tennis match I can remember seeing, and rivals the Sampras-Alex Corretja US Open quarterfinal that I watched with my mom way back in 1996 for sheer drama. And, because I like you all so much, here's a clip from that riveting quarterfinal:

Better (Chatter) posts to come!


Stephanie said...

Josh, Brandon told me about your new job and I just wanted to say congrats! I hope that it's everything you hope it to be and more. Also, I'm very anxiously awaiting the first In the Wheelhouse podcast!

Josh said...

That's nice of you to say, thanks! I hope you're enjoying your new job, too!

Hopefully, the podcast will actually get rolling soon. We actually have a website already, so you might want to periodically check out
www.wheelhouseshow.com to see if we've actually done anything!

Brandon said...

Pete Sampras puking his guts out in Queens = Standing ovation

Me puking my guts out in Queens = Barely audible jeers

Isn't incredible how Federer and Nadal appeared to be one million times more fit at this year's Wimbledon than Sampras and Corretja in 1996? Have we come that far as a species?

Josh said...

Yeah, it's kind of odd. The effect is even more pronounced on the women's tour, where everyone is super fit now and the Gabriela Sabatini "moonball" style no longer flies at all.

todd said...

A Josh podcast? I'm intrigued. Count me in as one of your 3-7 subscribers.

Congrats on the new job! You'll have to e-mail me the details since I lost my cell phone and therefore your number.

agingsnob said...

Congrats my friend!

The Walkman are one of the great under appreciated bands of our time.

And as for puking, only Americans puke on the court.