Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Was I the Only One that Read "Low Moon"?

Now that the New York Times Magazine's "Funny Pages" section has moved on to some, not especially engrossing as of yet, new comic, I wanted to recommend that everyone check out Jason's "Low Moon" series that run throughout the spring in the magazine.

I can't totally explain why I was so intrigued by this unusual mix of dogs, chess, and the Old West, but it was the first thing that I read every week in the magazine for it's entire 16 week run. Maybe it was the classic cartoonish drawing style? Or the soft, pleasant colors? Or maybe just the fact that the overall weirdness of the cartoon always seemed to provoke a laugh? Regardless, check it out while it's still up!

(Also, a big thanks are owed to Brandon over at The Black Tee Shirt for the format redesign! Much, much improved!)

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