Monday, October 27, 2008

That Bizarre HSBC Ad

There's an interesting article in Slate this morning that breaks down this bizarre, and unusually compelling, commercial for HSBC bank. It's been running a lot lately and if you can't recall seeing it, I suspect you'll recognize it once you hear Joanna Newsom's memorable voice pop up:

This new trend of financial industry ads that present the virtues of their product in such an unusually oblique way seems to be catching on. I'm not exactly proud to admit that this sprightly ad from Traveler's Insurance was probably the one that I liked the most from the summer:

I guess it's kind of unusual to be charmed by an ad in general, but when in comes to the banking industry it seems especially dirty, right? Anyone have any ads of late that they've particularly liked or disliked? I was arguing late night about whether those "realistic" ads for are cute or cloying. I still lean towards cute, but that new one in the sushi restaurant is, I admit, pretty hard to watch.


Megan said...

Some of the most interesting ads recently are the ones people are voluntarily passing on and watching on the internet for the election!

Here are a couple i've been emailed, for example.

Josh said...

That first one's pretty funny, though kind of sad as well, which, I guess, is the point. Hard to believe all the calamities of the last 8 years...