Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Endgame Approaches

This picture seems to make clear, more than ever before, that Clinton will stop at nothing on her way to global domination. Watch your back, America!

In contrast, doesn't this seem like the kind of laid-back hipster we want to put forward as our face to to the rest of the world:

Like it or not, elections are a popularity contest and appearances do matter (there's a reason we haven't had a bald President in almost 50 years).

Of course, in the end it may not matter who wins the Democratic nomination, as they could certainly end up losing out to this guy:

(ok, this is admittedly kind of a poor excuse for a post. Once I get over the sickness that has knocked me out this week I'll get back to the kind of "hard-hitting," "incisive," and "genius-tinged" (those are the media's words, not mine) posts that you've all come to know and love.)


Anonymous said...

i don't know, i would say this post is tinged

Josh said...

Hmm, I think "tainted" would be more appropriate.