Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Break from Politics

For at least two weeks, at least until North Carolina brings what will hopefully be some good news, I'm going to try and take a break from politics. I'm going to try and scale back my blog reading, going to refrain from reading the New York Times (as much), and I'm even going to scale back watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

It's all just too much, and here's the main reason why: THE. RACE. IS. OVER. It's been over since March 5th. Clinton cannot win without something way, way more catastrophic than the "Bitter/Cling" controversy or the Jeremiah Wright scandal, she just can't. She won't be able to catch up with Obama in terms of delegates, she won't even have a shot at total votes after North Carolina (even though that is a completely worthless statistic because numbers are considerably lower in states that have caucuses and thus paint an inaccurate picture), and there is just no way that downticket Superdelegates in places like South Dakota and Georgia will have to give Clinton the 70% + margin that she needs to overtake him the backroom way (and that's not even mentioning the fact that if she won this manner it would irrevocably damage the Democratic party in the eyes of African Americans, college age students, etc.).

So, what I really can't bear is two more weeks where people debate non-issues like whether or not the race is actually over. Nothing else is going to change except for more gaffes and "gotcha" moments that will continue to cost the Democrats votes they won't get back in the fall. Why am I subjecting myself so passionately to a race that's over? Why don't I just hang back for a few weeks and wait for Clinton to, inevitably, step down from her pursuit of the nomination? Seriously, what new developments could I learn at this point?

So, if you need me, I'll be in my bunker watching the NBA playoffs for, oh, the next 5 weeks or so...


MDD said...


I have grown unimaginably tired of this farce of a campaign. Except for a few moments, some by candidates long departed, this has been the longest, most inane primary season I have witnessed. And to think that it usually gets dumber as we enter the general election.

I cannot even feign outrage at this point. All I have left is exhaustion.

Plus the NBA Playoffs could end with a classic Lakers-Celtics, and there is no chance that the Utah Jazz will turn the Western Conference Finals into a best-of 107 series that will be decided by David Stern and Rod Thorn.

agingsnob said...

What is so lovely though is your bunker will no longer be in Kensington!