Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome Back, Granderson

After annihilating the Texas Rangers this week, the Tigers are creeping back toward respectability with a 10-13 record. It seems that you can't keep a 130 million dollar payroll down for long.

The biggest difference between how I feel about the Tigers today (cautiously optimistic) and the way that I did last week (moody, sullen, withdrawn) is the return of their lead-off hitter, and my personal favorite player, Curtis Granderson, one of the true good guys in sports (please stop me if I start sounding like Rick Reilly). According to the this story from the Grand Rapids Press, while he was rehabbing from a broken finger last week with the Tigers A ball team: "with some time on his mending hands, he called Grand Rapids Public Schools and offered to spend some time with students." He went on make an impromptu speech at a local assembly about what it takes to be get ahead, be successful, etc. to a bunch of thrilled middle-schoolers.

Here's a slightly shaky YouTube clip of Granderson hitting an inside-the-park home run last year that gives you some sense of the type of on the field excited that he creates with the Tigers:

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