Monday, April 7, 2008

The Moth Podcast

Good news: The Moth reading series (a much-loved storytelling series hosted by the hilarious Jonathan Ames, the also-very-funny Andy Borowitz, and others) have begun to put some of their favorite readings out on a weekly podcast!

A couple of my favorites so far include Malcolm Gladwell reading a very funny (though perhaps not entirely true) story about shenanigans he undertook while as a writer for The Washington Post and Dan Kennedy (author of two of my five all-time favorite McSweeneys pieces) talking about his days as a corporate marketing exec (from his new, highly-recommended book Rock On).

At lunch today I finally got around to listening to Elna Baker's story "Yes Means Yes," about her attempt to reconcile her devout Mormonism with a desire to be with an atheist that she meets and falls for. It's hard to do justice to just how funny, sad, and sincere her fifteen minute reading is, but I'll just say that I'm still reeling from it two hours later (maybe because I'm a non-believer that has been on the other end of this situation more than once in my life?).

Anyway, if you like things that are good, things that are funny, and things that only last 15 minutes, you might want to check out this podcast series.

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