Monday, May 5, 2008


With warm weather finally here and change in the air, I thought it was time to lay down my predictions for the next few months:

North Carolina: Obama 54% Clinton 46%
Indiana: Clinton 53%, Obama 47%
Democratic Nomination: Obama
Presidency: Obama 49%, McCain 46%, Nader, et al 5%

NBA Finals: Pistons over Lakers
Horse Racing: Big Brown wins the Preakness but falls short (like all the others) at the Belmont
MLB: Red Sox over Diamondbacks
Hockey: um...Wings over Pengiuns?
Tennis: Nadal over Federer at the French Open, Federer over Djokovic at Wimbledon, Djokovic over Roddick at the US Open
Golf: Woods wins the next two majors, some random fat guy wins the PGA Championship (very original, eh?)

Summer Films:
Biggest Movie: Indiana Jones
Biggest Comedy: Step-Brothers
Biggest Flop: Speed Racer
Movie I'll Personally like the Best: Pineapple Express

Amount of time before Bryan and I break down and get internet/cable in our new apartment: 2 weeks
Number of nights I'll annoy my friends this summer by talking about some new podcast I found: Approx. 137
Month before Brandon and I actually start to do our podcast: July
Month that I'll start getting sad that summer's almost over: May

Anyone else have any predictions they'd like to put out there?

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