Thursday, May 8, 2008

What the Hell?

It's one thing for Clinton to stay in the race even after everyone knows it over, but to start explicitly playing the race card? Maybe I'm just not cynical enough, but I really am shocked that she would stoop to such a desperate, lowest-common-denominator move at this precise stage of the game. I mean, it's one thing to play this card before Pennsylvania, or to do the subtly-racist thing like Bill Clinton did in South Carolina (i.e. attempting to compartmentalize Obama as the "black candidate" by equating his campaign with that of Jesse Jackson's in the 80's). But to say something like this now? I just don't get why she would do it or even how it helps to do anything except deeper the black/white rift that the Clinton campaign had been trying to create within the Democratic party. Are superdelegates really going to flock to her in droves because a bunch of racist white people won't vote for a (somewhat) black man?

All that being said, you've got to love the cover of this week's Time, right?

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