Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baseball: The Break from Politics We Need

Looking for a diversion from "Obama v Clinton" or "Eliot Spitzer v. Himself"? Then it's time for a little baseball-related material! Although there are too many good baseball blogs out there to name, here are three that I highly recommend:

Joe Posnanski
- I'm new to this one, but it's already become one of my absolute favorites. During the midst of these insanely long, often very funny blog posts Posnanski ( a columnist for the KC Star) talks about some of baseball's newer and most confusing statistics in a way that actually makes sense. If like me you're caught in the middle between embracing the "Sabermetric" approach to baseball and wanting to keep a foot planted firmly in the Field of Dreams-esque world of Baseball Romanticism, this is the perfect blog in which to get a major (and unsentimental) dose of both.

The Detroit Tigers Weblog- The absolute best place to go to get information about the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club (tm). Bill Ferris does a tireless job of providing game by game breakdowns along with a ton of links to baseball-related material as well as other relevant Detroit Tigers blogs. Essential reading for any Tigers fan.

Bad Nats
- My friend Shek has finally answered the public's clarion call for more Washington Nationals blogs written as though the blogger were a passionate, creative, and semi-literate 9 year-old. (on hiatus until the regular season)

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