Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Speech on Race in America

Here is the text of Obama's speech in Philadelphia this morning. I'll try to get a YouTube clip up once this becomes available.

First thought: It seems like a perfect speech, able to incorporate Rev. Wright into the Obama narrative while both denouncing and explaining the more unusual rhetorical elements in some of Rev. Wright's sermons.

Second thought: How did this all of a sudden become a big deal again? Oh yeah: nothing going on right now, 4 more weeks until the Pennsylvania primary, 24 hour news shows, let's rehash old issues and hold Obama responsible for things his pastor said years ago!

Third thought: I'm pretty sure that bringing the "race issue" into the fore (already the elephant in the room) won't really hurt Obama, at least in the primary, because most of the points he makes about change, resolution, the need to understand the wounds of the past, etc. are simply inarguable. Thus, making a speech like this allows him to take the reins and once again put himself forth as the candidate full of positive, idealistic notions about America. This is the kind of thing that I think America's want more of, enough so that he should be able to weather the brutality that has been put forth by the Clinton campaign the last few weeks.

UPDATE: Here's the video...

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