Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Project Runway Season 4 Finale

Alright fine, I'll admit that I watched the Project Runway Finale last night. People say this so much it's become a little cliché, but I swear that Project Runway is the only reality show you'd ever catch me watching. Unlike any other reality show I've seen (with the possibly exception of the original Iron Chef) it gets the closest to being a straight-up talent contest. It's entertaining to watch weird and talented people do interesting things, even if I don't actually know, or even really care to know, anything about the fashion world. Plus, there's always something kind of fun about observing co-host Tim Gunn, a.k.a. the most composed person on the planet.
In the end Christian, the youngest and most talented of the contestants, was, to no one's great surprise, the winner. Here is the video for his collection in case you want to check it out and pretend (as I do) that you have any idea what is and is not considered fashionable. (By the way, everyone seemed to make a big deal about the way Christian repeatedly described everything as "fierce" like it was a new edition to the lexicon, but wasn't this very word already the subject of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode a few years ago?)

Was anyone unhappy with this result or surprised with the way the show panned out this season? Overall, there seemed to be way less extra-topical stuff tacked on to the show this time around: no more crazy contestants brought back, weeks after they were kicked off, to increase the drama, no more accusations of cheating from other contestants, and no last-minute challenges to do right before the final Bryant Park show. It was a good, entertaining season, if maybe not as dramatic as, say, Season Two.


David Dust said...

I think Christian deserved to win - he put on a SHOW!

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway Recap. your hair!

Megan said...

ha ha you OBVS don't watch reality television. Fierce is all Tyra wants her models/victims to be. MORE FIERCER, PLEESE!

Josh said...

No more "fierce." Let's retire it for, say, 20 years. Please be my guest, though, and use it in 2028.

agingsnob said...

A "walk-off" between Christian and Tim and a VERY drunk Heidi.

Fierce! Whoops.

William said...

josh, i wrote a bit on project runway over at my blog. i have actually been making an effort lately so you should check it out.

hope all is well in the city.