Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slimming Down With Steve: Dancing!

I'm a bit distracted with the NCAA tournament just starting up and that whole presidential race you might have heard about (yes, "race." As in: somehow everyone started talking about Obama's race and race in general all at once-the 67th most pressing issue in this country and something that threatened to ruin Obama's campaign for a moment thanks to a combination of bad press, idiocy and hearty dose of white racism. Thankfully, it appears he's weathered the storm).

Anyway, that being the case, the least I could do to make up for the bitterness on this website of late is to post my all-time favorite piece from The Daily Show: The "dancing" segment from Steve Carell's "Slimming Down With Steve" series. I just rewatched it for perhaps the 5th time and the breakdancing part at the end I'm happy to report that the sketch has aged perfectly over the last 5 years.

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